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About our School


The FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela de Danza y Música mission is to provide educational programs of traditional and contemporary Colombian music and dance, as well as other expressive forms, to the Colombian and Latin@ communities of New York City and the region.


La Escuela is an educational and cultural program of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance. The Center’s fifty-year history of working with local, community- led educational and cultural organizations continues with the FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela. 


FolkCOLOMBIA School’s focus is now centered on the Arts School, where we teach Dance and Music traditions from Colombia to children raised in Colombian families, and inclusive of other countries and communities. The main interest  of FolkColombia School of Dance and Music is to promote and disseminate knowledge of Colombia, its geography, people, customs and cultural traditions through our Dance and Music.


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Tel: 646-374-5039- | Tel: 917-586-7487

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        Great News

FolkCOLOMBIA School of Dance and Music is happy to announce the new 11 weeks Fall program of Colombian Dance and Music classes for kids aged between 7 and 14 years that will start on October 8th and goes until December 17th.

Stay tuned, we will give all information very soon. 

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