FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela of music and dance is excited to announce the Fall 2022 Colombian music and dance program series for students throughout the Queens community. We are thrilled to continue our educational mission to share knowledge and grow awareness of expressive Colombian culture.  


Escuela faculty will present weekly classes for 11 weeks of Colombian traditional dance and musical rhythms such as Cumbia, Tambora, Bambuco, Pasillo, Jota Chocoana, and Bunde from Pacífico.

Classes are tuition free and parents are highly encouraged to participate in the activities! 

  • Classes begin Saturday, October 8, 2022 and will continue until Saturday, December 17, 2022, for eleven (11) weeks

  • Classes start (A) at 11am and will run through 2:00; (B) 11am - 2:30pm 

  • Students will present a showcase at the end of the eleven weeks.

Saturday Teaching Schedule  

Teacher: Nestor Gomez
Caribbean and Pacific percussion: Cumbia and Arrullo

11Am - Noon, 10/8 - 12/10 

11Am- 2Pm, 12/17

Students will learn to play two different rhythms: Cumbia and Arrullo (Bunde), Nestor will explain their historical and cultural background, including demonstrations on the different instruments: Llamador drum, Alegre drum, Tambora, Guache, or Maracas and the technique to play them. In addition, the students will learn to sing a simple melody to obtain as a result the ability to play and sing in the final performance. 

Teacher: Ruben Dario Mejia
Andean and Pacific Dances: Bambuco and Jota Chocoana

 Noon-1Pm,10/8- 12/5

Students will learn to recognize and dance two Colombian dances: Bambuco, and Jota Chocoana, including their steps, figures, and choreography, in addition to the different forms of dancing from each region. Backing tracks will be used to support the children.

Teacher: Rafa Leal
Andean Rhythms: Bambuco and Pasillo

1Pm to 2Pm, 10/8 - 11/5

11Am - 2Pm, 12/12/17

Two Colombian Rhythms: Bambuco and Pasillo, will be presented with historical background, brief explanations about the Spanish, African and Native origins will be given; then the percussion instruments will be introduced and demonstrated. The teacher will show the technique to play them and get a good sound, also mentioning the melodic and harmonic instruments as a point of reference to give an idea of ​​the relationship between melody, harmony, and rhythm. Students will learn to play and sing simple rhythms and melodies in the final presentation.

Teacher: Osiris Barcenas 
Caribbean Dances: Cumbia and Tambora

1Pm - 2:30Pm, 11/12 - 12/10

Noon - 2:30Pm, 12/10 

11Am to 2Pm,12/17 

Two Colombian Rhythms: Cumbia and Tambora will be presented with historical background, brief explanations about the Spanish, African and Native origins will be given; During the learning process of two choreographies Cumbia and Tambora the children will learn coordination, agility, balance and improve posture and dance performance.  They will also learn the basic skirt movements, hats properly used, and cadence when dancing in pairs.  Two choreographies will be performed in the final presentation.


1. Register your child using online form:  


2. Register by downloading the PDF  


3. You can also register in person at 11AM, Saturday, October 8, at Community United Methodist Church, in Room 5, 81-10 35th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY 11372

For information about the FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela program, you may contact or email Rafa Leal at (646) 374 - 5039

We look forward to seeing you!!!

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