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We have wonderful news. We are about to start our Spring 2024 program!

FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela will present Family Dance & Music, ten weeks of traditional Colombian music and dance classes with our fantastic teachers: Rubén Dario Mejía, Nestor Gomez Jr., and returning dance master Karla Florez! 

For this semester, we will take a wonderful tour of Colombian culture through these traditions: 

  • “El porro”, a rhythm and feeling from the Atlantic coast that will move us with its joy, with master drummer Nes Gomez leading the class!


  • “El sanjuanero”, the Andean tradition at its finest. We will learn the dance and music, the accompanying music instruments, and typical costumes. Dance director Rubén Dario will present the sanjuanero, in all its cultural glory!


  • “Las Farotas”, is a cultural expression of the Atlantic coast that is a powerful reminder of the beauty and elegance of folklore and the people that continue to celebrate it. Master dance teacher Karla Florez will be instructing the classes.

Classes are free and parents are invited to participate in the activities!​.


  • Classes begin Saturday, March 9, 2024, and will continue until Saturday, May 11, 2024.

  • Classes start at 12 Noon and will run through 2:00 pm.

  • Students will present a closing public performance on Saturday, May 11, 2024. Friends and family are invited!!

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