FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela of music and dance is excited to announce the Spring 2022 Colombian music and dance program series for students throughout the Queens community. We are thrilled to continue our educational mission to share knowledge and grow awareness of expressive Colombian and Latin cultures.  


Escuela faculty will present weekly classes--for 12 weeks--of Colombian traditional dance and musical rhythms such as Cumbia, Champeta, Mapalé, Bambuco, Passillo, Currulalo, Bullerengue, Chalupa, Joropo, and Ritmo de Tambora.  

Classes are tuition free and parents are highly encouraged to participate in the activities! 

  • Classes begin Saturday,  February 5, 2022 and will continue until Sunday, April 24, 2022, for twelve (12) weeks

  • Classes start at 11am and will run through 3pm on Saturdays, and 2pm on Sunday

  • Students will present a showcase at the end of the twelve weeks.


Percusion Andina (Rafa: 11am- Noon, Saturday and Sunday)

Three Colombian rhythms–bambuco, pasillo and guabina– will be presented with historical and cultural background; then the percussion instruments will be introduced and demonstrated, including mention of the use of melodic and harmonic instruments.


Beats del Caribe (Daniela: Noon-1pm, Saturday and Sunday)

Students will be exposed to traditional music genres of the Caribbean Coast of Colombia such as Cumbia and Bullerengue. They will learn how to play the traditional Afro-Colombian percussion ensemble including tambor alegre, tambora, maracas and llamador as well as some of the tonadas (traditional melodies) representative of this oral tradition while learning their history and roots.


Traditional Colombian Dances from the Northern Coast (Lorena: 1pm - 2pm, Saturday )

Cumbia, tambora, chandé, and other northern coastal rhythms will be introduced, along with their origins and history. Dance steps, techniques, and choreographic combinations will be covered. A small student dance presentation will be showcased at the end of the semester. 


Danzas Andinas (Ruben: 2pm - 3pm, Saturday)

Students will learn to recognize and dance four Colombian dances: bambuco, pasillo, joropo and shottis (Andean children’s dance), including their steps, figures, and choreography, in addition to the different forms from each region.


Latinx Beat Loops (Isaac: 1pm-  2pm, Sunday)

Let’s Make a Beat Tape is a multi-week series that introduces participants to new technologies, sound producing, record sampling, and sound layering through live demonstration and collaboration. Participants will learn about iconic producers and producer/beat-making culture. Throughout the series, participants will be asked to follow current events (local, national, or global), and reflect on relevant topics that affect them, which will then be woven into original instrumental songs (beats) produced by themselves with guidance from myself. The completed musical project of original beats will be streamed to the public.

Schedule of Classes


Teacher: Rafa leal 
11AM - 12 noon - Percussion Andina
Teacher: Daniela Serna
12noon - 1PM - Beats Del Caribe

The Spring Program of Classes

Teacher: Lorena Ayub
1PM - 2PM - Tradicional Colombian dance 
Teacher: Ruben Dario Mejia
2PM - 3PM - Andino dance
Teacher: Isaac Sawyer
3PM - 4PM - Latinx Beat Loops


1. Register your child using online form:  


2. Register by downloading the PDF  


3. You can also register in person at 10AM, Saturday, February 5, at Community United Methodist Church, in Room 5, 81-10 35th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY 11372

For information about the FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela program, you may contact or email Rafa Leal at (646) 374 - 5039

We look forward to seeing you!!!

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